Phum Khmer 
One year anniversary 15/3/17
We are celebrating our one year anniversary, we hope you'll come join in the celebrations.
Pre wedding parties
Why not let Phum Khmer resort organise your wedding pre-party. We cater for up to 200 people. If you book with Phum Khmer you will also get the use of the resort for your wedding photos. Please call with inquiries.


Wedding photos
Wether you choose Phum Khmer for you wedding party or not, Phume Khmer is an ideal place to have your wedding photos taken. Please call to arrange a booking.


Sunday's by the pool


Every sunday at Phum Khmer we will be having a party by the pool. This will include -


Live music

Outdoor BBQ

One off special events


National Holidays


On all national holidays we will be providing additional entertainment for you and your family. 



We are excited to announce the opening of Phum Khmer farm shop. Our aim will be to become 90% self sufficient within the next year. Not only will we be growing vegetables, but also rearing our own livestock, such as chickens, duck and fish. Once we have become self sufficient, our next aim will be to open our farm shop to the general public. You will be able to buy your ingredients as fresh as possible. We will provide regular updates as we progress.

Farm Shop